• Universal Safety Helmet Washer and Dryer Machine

    Construction Hard Hat Cleaner completes the entire process in 8 to 20 minutes.

  • The interior of hard hats, construction safety helmets, and the scalp itself harbor many bacteria, including mold, dandruff, bacillus, and Staphylococcus aureus. If the helmet is not kept clean, the damp and hot environment becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. The massive growth of bacteria can lead to scalp folliculitis, and in severe cases, it may cause hair loss and baldness. Additionally, wearing an unclean helmet for extended periods can produce unpleasant odors, affecting the comfort of the work environment. Therefore, it is crucial to keep safety helmets clean and regularly deodorized.

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    Our universal safety helmet washing and drying machine is not only essential for construction sites but also perfect for a wide range of other scenarios, including:

    • Exploration and surveying operations - Surveyor's Safety Helmet
    • Mining activities - Miner’s Helmet
    • Tunnel construction - Tunnel Construction Helmet
    • Highway and bridge construction - Construction Safety Helmet
    • Electrical maintenance and construction - Electrician's Safety Helmet
    • Oil and gas extraction - Oilfield Safety Helmet
    • Hydraulic engineering projects - Engineering Safety Helmet
    • Factory and workshop maintenance - Industrial Safety Helmet
    • Forestry and logging - Forestry Helmet
    • Heavy machinery operation - Heavy Equipment Operator Helmet
    • Demolition and blasting operations - Demolition Safety Helmet
    • High-altitude work and cleaning - High-altitude Work Helmet
    • Firefighting and rescue - Firefighter's Helmet
    • Emergency response and disaster recovery - Emergency Responder Helmet
    • Railway maintenance and construction - Railway Worker Helmet
    • Airport and port operations - Dockworker’s Helmet
    • Shipbuilding and repair - Shipbuilder’s Helmet
    • Glass and window installation - Glazier's Helmet
    • Telecommunications tower maintenance - Tower Climber Helmet
    • Military engineering and defense facility construction - Military Engineer Helmet

    In all these scenarios, maintaining helmet hygiene is paramount to ensure the safety and comfort of workers, preventing head injuries and promoting a healthier working environment. Our safety helmet washing and drying machine thoroughly cleans and deodorizes, ensuring your helmets are always in optimal condition. Choose our machine to add an extra layer of protection to your work environment.

    Our disinfectant solution uses Thymol as the main antibacterial active ingredient, combined with other natural antibacterial and deodorizing ingredients. Itis listed by the US EPA as an effective active ingredient in killing COVID-19.

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    • Featuring Thymol as its main antimicrobial active ingredient, in combination with other herbal antimicrobial and deodorizing agents, it is listed by the U.S. EPA as an active ingredient effective against COVID-19.

    • Approved by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) under biocidal product regulations for production: harmless to humans, animals, and the environment.Passed the TUV EU REACH test for Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC): contains no harmful substances.

    • Passed the TUV toxicity analysis report (CMR): does not contain carcinogenic, mutagenic, or reproductive toxins.

    • Antimicrobial efficacy is verified by TUV, SGS, and Super Lab to be 99.99% effective (verified under GLP & TAF). The test covers a comprehensive range of bacteria and viruses, including Gram-positive bacteria, Gram-negative bacteria, fungi, yeast, etc.

    • Proven effective against human coronavirus according to the French laboratory ANALYTICE test method EN14476. • Verified by the French laboratory ANALYTICE, capable of killing all coronavirus and H1N1 influenza virus within 30 seconds.

    • Theantimicrobial efficacy is validated by the Dubai Central Laboratory Department.

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