• Pet Quick Clean & Dry Machine


    Completes the entire cleaning, deodorizing and drying process in 8 ~ 20 minutes

  • Our revolutionary pet cleaning and drying machine is designed for cleaning, sterilizing, deodorizing, and drying pets and pet items, providing a convenient and quick (8 to 20 minutes) efficient solution. This machine quickly completes the entire process, eliminating odors and keeping the environment fresh.

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    Product Features

    • Quick Cleaning and Drying: Completes the entire process in 8 to 20 minutes.
    • Easy Operation: Fully automated, no manual operation needed.
    • Space-Saving: Takes up less than one square meter, ideal for various commercial locations.
    • Low Cost, High Profit: Low operating costs with high returns.
    • Easy Installation: Requires only a power source, no additional plumbing needed.

    Ideal Locations

    Our washing and drying machine is perfect for:

    • Pet stores
    • Pet grooming salons
    • Shopping malls
    • Self-service laundromats
    • Self-service car washes
    • Unmanned stores

    Additional Features

    • Mobile Payment System (optional)
    • Mobile Revenue Monitoring (optional)
    • Remote Machine Activation (optional)

    Product Introduction

    Revolutionary 3D Fog clean technology for high-efficiency sterilization, deodorization, and gentle drying: Eco-friendly and safe, with a sleek design. This commercial machine is user-friendly, creating a pure living space for your beloved pets!

    • Eco-friendly materials: Fully automated, self-service operation.


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    The Only Helmet Cleaning Machine that Safely Cleans Motorcycle Helmets with Bluetooth Headset.

    The Bluetooth headset microphone is cleanable.

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    We Have Filed Patent Applications in Various Countries Worldwide

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